Main Product Includes

cotton cloth -Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji

Cotton Cloth

polyster cotton-Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji

PV/PC fabric

linen cloth - Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji

Linen Cloth

viscose fabric-Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji


polyester cloth - Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji


cotton yarn dyed fabric -Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji

Yarn Dyed

Denim Fabric-Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji

Denim Fabric

White Satin Harshad Textile Ichalkaranji

Satin Fabric

harshad textile Ichalkaranji - leno fabric

Leno Fabric

Detailed Product List





SUITING 10X10,50/1X26 62″
2/40X10,54/4X56 38″
2/40X10,88/1X42 48″
2/40X330 den.,60/4X54 63″
20X16 80/3X54,63″
20X20 64/2X52,62″
30+150X30,64/2X52 48″
30X10 52/5X60,63″
30X150 den.,68/5X92 63″
30X7 68/4X54,62″
40X20 88/4X68,65″
40X30 72/5X88,63″
40X30 92/3X94,63″
40X40 86/4X108,63″
50X40 108/3X92,63″
50X40 80/5X112,63″
PV/PC 2/30X2/30,52X42 59″
2/30X2/30,56X48 59″
2/30X2/30,60/3X52 59″
2/40PV X,2/40PV 88X70 63″
20X20 72/3X54,61″
20X20 96/3X96,59″
LYKRA 2/40X220,den. 56/4X78 74″
20X20+10,64/4X84 80″
24X16 60/4X64,69″
30X16 68/4X56,69″
30X20 68/4X64,69″
30X20 68/4X70,74″
30X220 den.,54/5X78 74″
30X220 den.,64/4X70 68″
30X220 den.,68/4X76 69″
30X30 54/5X80,69″
30X30 68/4X80,69″
40X10 64/4X44,74″
40X16 64/5X58,69″
40X20 76/4X76,74″
40X30+30,68/5X72 69″
50X20 60/5X92,69″
50X20 68/5X88,69″


SHIRTING 20+20 X,20+20 88/1X42 54″
30X30+2/30,96/2X78 61″
40X40 120/2X70,63″
40X40 128/2X70,63″
40X40 96/3X96,63″
50X50,108/3X104,50X50 132X72,63″
50X50 92/2X88,63″
50X50+2/30,108/2X72 63″
50X70 90/3X78,63″
60+2/80+2/40 X,50 76X64 62″
60X60 128X120,65″
60X60 128X120,65″
60X60 132/2X80,49″
60X60 72/5X108,66″
60X60 96/2X92,56″
70X100,72/3X108 63″
80X70 68/5X114,63″
80X80,112/3X120 63″
80X80 92/2X88,63″
80X80 96/2X96,63″
90X90 84/5X144,63″


30X30,104/2X72 61″
30X30 60/2X52,55″
30X30 60/2X56,59″
30X30 68/2X68,62″
30X30 72/2X64,59″
30X30 76/2X68,62″
30X30 76/2X76,62″
30X30 88/2X76,61″
30X30 96/2X72,61″
40X40 120/2X70,63″
40X40 68/2X68,50″
40X40 72/2X78,66″
30X30+2/30 96/2X78 61″
PV/PC 2/60X30,58/2X58 59″
2/60X30,60/2X54 39″
2/60X30,64/2X62 59″
40X40 96/2X76,39″

Industrial fabrics


10X10 50/1X26 62″

30X10 52/5X60 63″

10X10 50/1X26 62″

 30X7 68/4X54 62″

20X20 64/2X52 62″

20X20 54/3X96 59″

Technical textile

Suiting Fabric
100% Cotton Yarn Available in 2s Count to 60sCount Range

Shirting Fabric
100% Cotton Yarn Available in 20s Count to 80sCount Range